Marble dust

Interest form
  • Grain size:

    Performance 0/2 - EN 13139 - EN 933-1

  • Dried particle density:

    Perfomance 2,67 Μg/m3 - ΕΝ 13139 - ΕΝ 1097-6

  • Sand equivalent:

    Perfomance SE > 70 ΕΝ 13139 - ΕΝ 933-8

  • Methylene blue:

    Perfomance ΜΒ < 1,0 g/Kg ΕΝ 13139 - ΕΝ 933-9

  • Water absorption at atmospheric pressure:

    Perfomance 0,5% WA24 EN 13139 - EN 1097-6

Dionysos Marble Dust is the flagship of Dionyssos Quarries mill products, derived from the waste materials of the famous Dionyssos marble exploitation. Its unparalleled quality, high whiteness and chemical composition (high levels of calcium carbonate) make it unique and a major ingredient for many uses and products. With almost sixty years of know-how and experience, we produce high quality marble powder, with a grain size of 0-2mm, mainly intended for the manufacture of mortars, either traditionally in the building sector, or with modern methods in mortar industries. The building materials produced with Dionyssomarble dust stand out for their quality and durability over time.

In addition, it is used in a variety of applications and products (animal feed, colours, soil improvers, decorations, cosmetics, medicines, etc.). The material is certified (Declaration of Conformity & CE labelled) according to the European standard EN-13139 for use in mortars.