All kinds of cutting, special configurations, digital constructions

In a thoughtfully designed area of the DIONYSSOMARBLE unit, we offer special processing and services for every application need. Special cuts, finishes and constructions that cover every need of application and placement, giving a high quality and unique result, thanks to DIONYSSOMARBLE’s specialised know-how and training. 

Some of the applications and services available include:

Cutting: The plant undertakes all kinds of marble cuts, from simple cutting of pieces to special cuts in all possible thicknesses and dimensions.

Product Applications: Interior/exterior floors, bathroom wall lining, stairs, marble sills, kitchen countertops, grates, monuments and many other applications can be implemented by our specially trained staff.

Surface finishing: We offer some of the most well-known finishes, such as polishing and matt finishing, but also more specialised ones, such as sandblasting, bush hammered, chiselled, antique, bookmatch and any kind of finish.

Digital constructions: The use of modern machines such as CNC laser-jet, water jet cutter, etc. allows special constructions that cannot be created through the process of simple cutting. 

Final configuration: We offer all types of edge finishing (simple, half-bullnose, bullnose, ogee, etc.), which are automatically manufactured by the machine and, where necessary, are handmade by DIONYSSOMARBLE’s  skilled craftsmen.