Building materials

  • Fine marble gravel: 

    Grain size 0/4mm

  • Marble sand: 

    Grain size 0/4mm

  • Medium marble gravel: 

    Grain size 4/12.5mm

  • Coarse marble gravel: 

    Grain size 8/31.5mm

Building materials of various granulometries

Dionyssomarble, responding to the needs and trends of the market, produces materials of high quality and whiteness of various granulometries mainly aimed at producing construction materials. These products are destined for mortar companies and building materials shops. Their white colour makes them sought after in the building materials market, filling a gap that was previously occupied by imports from other countries. Apart from the well-known Dionysos Marble Dust, with excellent scores in mechanical and chemical strengths, Dionyssomarble also produces a number of other building materials in various granulometries, such as sand, coarse gravel, medium gravel, etc.