General Motors building, New York

Developer: General Motors, Sir Max Rayne & Cecilia Bennatar
Architect: Edward Durell Stone & Emery Roth & Sons
Erected: 1968 (office building)

… In her wonderful book, "Will They Ever Finish Bruckner Boulevard, A Primer on Urbicide," (A New York Times Book, Collier Books, 1972), Ada Louise Huxtable, then architecture critic of The New York Times and now architecture critic of The Wall Street Journal, (see The City Review review of her latest book), observed that "Under their seven-eighths-inch marble veneer those fifty-story hexagonal piers are actually hollow, bearing concrete columns carrying service ducts, a functional solution that frees the building's periphery of columns behind the windows and integrates services with structure."

"...Inside the building there is wall-to-wall marble. The Parthenon has come to General Motors. Pentelic marble by the ton from the same Greek quarries that supplied the Acropolis lathers the lobby walls;  the rejects are upstairs.  It is good to keep thinking of the Parthenon or one begins to link of luxury lavatories," …

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