Dionyssos-Pentelicon White

This is quarried at the Dionyssovouni site, Dionyssos, Attica and has the same chemical composition and texture as the Pentelic marble renowned since antiquity. It is characterized by white background colouration with light gray or green banding; it occasionally becomes off-white.

Petrographic definition:   Calcite marble
Mineral composition: Principle minerals calcite (> 97%) and dolomite (2%)

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Pentelic marble was quarried during the "Golden Age" of Pericles (5th century B.C. in Athens) and supplied thousands of cubic metres  of material used to construct the Athens Acropolis monuments and in the creation of all the great Classical, Hellenistic and Roman statues.
Currently, operations at the Penteli quarries are still going strong, encompassing the past into the present in an uninterrupted continuum and offering contemporary artists the exact same material used by their ancestors in their celebrated works.

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